Three days Chan retreat

Three days Chan retreat

Juni 8 – Juni 10

The 3-Day-Retreat is an opportunity to deepen and widen our own practice. It is designed for persons who already have participated in introductions. We learn the basic techniques of relaxation and concentration to settle body and mind. Thereafter we are introduced to the advanced methods of “Silent Illumination” (mozhao). We practice in sitting periods of 30 or 40 minutes, alternating with Yoga exercises and meditative walking. Daily Dharma talks. Questions and problems arising with the use of the chosen meditation method can be discussed in individual interviews. Daily one hour of working meditation. Continuous silence. We start the first day at 8am, on June 9th and 10th at 6.15 am and finish at 10 pm, on June 10th June. Retreat language is German, translation into English is possible.

Venue: Meditation-Centre of Chan Bern, Brunngasshalde 37, 3011 Bern

Retreat Costs: Dana

Accommodation Costs (3 days, meals included, lodging passible in meditation- room, toilet, no shower) 180 CHF Reduction possible on demand

Additional Information: Arrival and check-in possible on Thursday evening (please mail to Hildi)

Admission of participants: The retreat is suitable for people who already have experience in sitting meditation.

Registration and Information contact:
Hildi Thalmann, Herrengasse 21, 3011 Bern, Tel. 031 352 22 43; or (until Mai 30th)

The fee can be paid on arrival or Bank transfer for Swiss Francs:
PC- 60-592636-0.
Chan Bern IBAN: CH97 0900 0000 6059 2636 0.
Bank transfer for Euros: PC-Konto 91-970226-2.
IBAN CH91 0900 0000 9197 0226 2. Bic POFICHBEXXX, Postfinance AG, Mingerstr. 20, CH 3030 Bern with the designation: Chan Bern, 3000 Bern¨

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Retreat Teacher

Hildi Thalmann, Chang Sheng ( “Always Letting Go”). After many years of practicing meditation in the Christian contemplation and Japanese Zen tradition, she became a student of Master Sheng Yen in 2004. She attended many retreats with Master Sheng Yen and his successors. In 2008 she received teaching permission by Master Sheng Yen. Since then, she was regularly involved in teaching assignments as part of Chan Bern ( and as an assistant at retreats with Asian and Western Dharma heirs of Master Sheng Yen. She is the mother of 2 grown children, Dr. med., previously worked as a child neurologist, Master of Science of Religion.

Master Sheng Yen (1930-2009) was one of the greatest contemporary Buddhist Chan Masters. He established the Dharma Drum lineage in the tradition of Chinese Humanistic Buddhism. The training of monks and nuns was one of his major concerns, as well as practicing socially engaged Buddhism and interreligious dialogue. The lineage of Master Sheng Yen unites Caodong (Jap. Soto) and Linji (Jap. Rinzai).

Meditation room of Chan Bern

Chan Bern Chan-Bern has been founded in 2007 and is run by Chang She 常捨 (Hildi Thalmann), a Chan teacher authorized by Chan-Meister Sheng Yen. The purpose of the association of Chan Bern is the propagation of the Humanistic Chan Buddhism of Master Sheng Yen in the German speaking countries. We organize retreats, Dharma-talks, study groups etc. We are a group of practitioners, who share Chan-meditation und personal contact. The association invites Chanmasters and –teachers for retreats. Chan-Bern also enhances the publication of books by Master Sheng Yen in German translation.

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